Creatures Docking Station


Docking Station is a completely FREE artificial life game for both Windows and Linux, developed by Creature Labs, the creators of the Creatures series of games, with online multiplayer capabilities. Hatch and raise your own unique norns, then take them online to see how they interact with the rest of the Creatures world at the Docking Station.

Docking Station docked with Creatures 3

Creatures Docking Station for Windows

Download   (30.2Mb)

Creatures Docking Station for Linux

Download   (20.9Mb)

If you wish to play Creatures 3 with the Linux Creatures Docking Station, you will either need Linux Creatures Internet Edition or you can connect the Linux DS with the Windows version of Creatures 3 using this guide.

Creatures Docking Station for Mac

Unfortunately there isn't a free version for the Mac OS X, but you can buy Creatures 3 and Docking Station together as a Mac Creatures Exodus.

Registering to Play Creatures DS Online

To play online you will need to create a Docking Station identity for yourself:

Once you have registered a username and password you can load the game. If you press the red (offline) button in the top left corner of any world it takes the game online. The button will then turn green to show you are connected. Online gameplay allows you to send and receive creatures from other players, chat and send players in-game mail.

Help and Support

If you get stuck, download the Creatures Docking Station Manual (PDF) for gameplay hints and tips.

Registration Support

The DS Server's email functionality is currently offline. While you cannot register, I am sharing the username February with password guests for everyone who cannot register an account of their own to use online. Please remember this account is for everyone to use.

Update: Someone has sadly changed the password for the shared account so it is no longer available. However, Docking Station should be back in working order shortly, thus everyone could be back online soon.

Playing DS Offline

Download: DS Offline Option

To play chosen new Creatures Docking Station worlds in offline-only mode (when the server is down) you will need a login disabler patch, such a simple login patch, or the one included in C12DS (C1-to-DS).

Game Expansion

If you liked the previous games you might enjoy installing C12DS (C1-to-DS) and C2toDS (C2-to-DS), and make sure you've bought Creatures 3 to go with it (perhaps as Creatures Exodus).

Creatures 4

Gameware Development has given the company Fishing Cactus permission to produce Creatures 4, due for release in January 2011. More information.



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